Waygar Capital provides financing to mid-market companies with the following criteria:

Loan Size: $5 million to $150 million
*with the potential for larger transactions, depending on the situation

Interest Rates: 11% to 13%

Monitoring Fee: Minimum $1,500 per month

Term: 6 months to 36 months (with options to extend)

Closing Fee: 0.5% – 2.0%

Unused Line Fee: Minimum 0.5%

Appraisal and Field Examination Costs: While not required in all transactions, these services, when necessary, are provided by third party firms.

Collateral Requirements: First charge of the assets provided as collateral is required. In some cases, second collateral positions may be considered. Personal guarantees are also required in some situations.

Geography: Canada and selective transactions in the United States.

Industry Preferences: Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Transportation, Defense and Security